Scrapbooking the summer with your kids

by Shannon on August 3, 2010 · 0 comments

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Scrapbooking sometimes seems complicated. The adhesives, the specialty scissors, the perfectly coordinated card stock/patterned paper combinations… time and money, right? A few months ago I was babysitting my friend Kristen’s son Adam. Adam is a bright kid, and he offered to make me a book. Flattered and curious, I told him I’d like that. Within an hour he had created an 8 page book with drawings and text on every page. He’d punched holes on one side and tied the pages together with yarn. He handed it to me proudly (as was appropriate) and I remembered that we adults can make things way too complicated.

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with fancier scrapbooking, but Adam’s example shows that you can create a meaningful record of something with nothing more than paper, markers, a hole punch and some yarn. gives is this beautiful reader example of how she gets her kids involved in scrapbooking.

Instead of feeling like you have to capture everything your family does by yourself, give your kids and partners a chance to play along. Give them some paper, some markers, some adhesive, and whatever else you’ve got handy (stickers, ribbon, yarn, ticket stubs, menus, brochures, etc.) and let them put them together as they will. If you’e been taking photos you can print up a stack and let them go through it and decide what they’ll use. (Give as little feedback as possible, you want a record of them, not your ideas filtered through them.)

They’ll create keepsakes that are completely unique and completely them, and you can make your own right along with them. Or have a glass of lemonade and enjoy knowing that someone else is on it.


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