One evening garlands

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Holiday decorations vary so much. Some people like to cover every available surface with reminders of the season, and some don’t want to have any more clutter than they’d have the rest of the year. As I started thinking about decorating the apartment that Mr. FC and I share, I realized that I was facing a serious shortage of empty space to decorate.

This is why I love garlands and buntings! No matter how much space you have to put things on, you have walls. And no matter what you have on your walls, you can hang your garland over, under, or around (and you can always wrap them around a Christmas tree.) Here are some of my favorite garlands I’ve found around the web. I’m pretty sure that each and everyone one will take you an evening, tops.


The easiest of the bunch. Red Heart, along with a few other companies, make yarns with pom-poms on them. (Image by Red heart Yarn.)


I am smitten with the very idea of those Japanese masking tapes that have become so popular. This great garland from Project Wedding uses Happy Tape, and is simply twine and masking tape. (Image by Project Wedding.)

A classic, the paper chain can be draped across a wall, around a tree or centerpiece, hung from the ceiling, or groups of them can be hung from the ceiling. (I like to make mine from fun patterned scrapbooking paper, just to make it a little more interesting.)


Creative Jewish mom has a great Chanukah bunting that she hand stamped using her own styrofoam stamps. Using her technique you could alter this for any holiday, any time of the year. (Image from Creative Jewish Mom.) You might want to give this one a whole evening  just to play with making stamps, it looks really fun!

Christmas Tree Bunting

If you sew, this Christmas tree bunting is adorable. (Image from Sadieandlance.)

For more options, check out Whip-Up’s round up of 30 garlands and buntings.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to make a super-simple garland that I whipped up in about an hour and a half.

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